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Here we feature some of the artists who’s work has been exhibited or featured at Hambly & Hambly.

Heather Allen

Heather Allen is a highly regarded figure in the contemporary arts in Northern Ireland. She studied at the University Of Ulster and went on to live and work in Glasgow. She exhibited numerous times at home and abroad and published a book of her art and text work The Day’s All Mine. She was awarded a scholarship to travel to New York with the famous PS1 gallery and went on to take up art reside...
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Pádraig Drugan

Enniskillen born Pádraig Drugan studied Art at Manchester Polytechnic and York St, Belfast and has been working with clay for over thirty years. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Padraig shapes clay into curving spiral forms and figures that give a sense of flowing motion. His artwork has been exhibited in London, Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and New York and is held in priv...
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Ruth Le Gear

Internationally recognised artist Ruth Le Gear presents the amalgamation of water-focused projects in her beautiful new book, Water Senses based around Glenade Lough. Glenade Lough has many stories that are layered upon it and are held within the valley, which is known as the Jealous valley in North Leitrim. Myth is power of the place speaking. Le Gear has made a set of seven waters remedies ...
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Neal Greig

Exploring the language of paint and investigating creativity of the moment are fundamental aspects on my journey of making a painting. The elemental combination of earth,fire and water are my core subject matter,once thought by the ancient Chinese to be the components of a human body. I seek to infuse and overlap these elements in a distillation of paint. There are musical and poetic com...
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Claire Falconer

Claire Falconer is an Irish artist working predominantly in oils to create contemplative, ethereal paintings. Her works seem at once ancient and modern, an alchemy of colour, blended, layered and subtly glazed, reflecting a sense of mystery and sensuality. She considers oil painting to be an inherently enigmatic craft and invites the viewer to experience an affinity with nature that transce...
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Michael Hoy

After successful completion of foundation studies in Art and Design at University of Ulster, Belfast, Michael went on to train as an Architectural Stone Carver and Letter cutter, at South Dorset Technical College, England. After many years of working in the high end of the stone industry in England, America and Ireland, he now specialises in more artistic work, carving personalised memorials, C...
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Ursula Burke

One of the most important and current artists in Northern Ireland at the moment, Ursula Burke’s work is in high demand both nationally and internationally. Ursula Burke works in a variety of media including sculpture, photography, porcelain and embroidery, to create work that explores issues of representation and identity within contemporary Ireland. Burke cleverly uses delicate craft skills to...
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Kaye Maas

Aidan Dunne in the Irish Times 2016 “It’s not the only work to recall last year’s flooding, but Kaye Maahs’s Lakeview is beautifully observed and understated; Maahs is an artist to keep an eye on.”  Artist Kaye Maahs is a native of Kerry who has been living and working in the Burren, County Clare since 2003.  In 2015 she graduated from the Centre for Creative Arts & Media, GMIT Galway with...
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Wendy Ferguson

Wendy Ferguson's ideas stem from the often turbulent scenes depicted from the Romantic era. She explores the changing Fermanagh rural landscape which is transferred into abstracted, expressive surfaces. Ferguson states that she is not " interested in a realistic landscape". Rather she aims to  translate the elemental through energetic, yet considered brushstrokes which respond to the changes i...
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Mollie Douthit

My work investigates personal connections to and viewpoints of objects, people, animals, or spaces. In paint I am able to explore, highlight, and isolate the things I notice. Painting is a means of documenting things I want to remember, and the process gives me insight into what is important to me. My attitude towards paint application is that any method is ‘fair game’, but I tend to paint wit...
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