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Featured Artist – Helen Sloan

Helen Sloan

Helen Sloan is principal photographer for HBO’s Game Of Thrones and exhibits her fine art photography rarely. She was born in Ireland in a family environment of artistic parents – father interested in art work and mother in music and both pursued teaching profession. She started using the first camera (Nikon F3), at the age of 11 lent to her by her father when photography became her passion. Even as a child her desire was to become an illustrator as pencils and crayons were the only drawing tools available with her at that time.  She lived in Iceland for many years and completed her college education. She began her art education in Applied Art and Art History at Goldsmiths, University of London but did not pursue till graduation. Then she studied at the Belfast College of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in Fine and Applied Art. While still studying, at the age of 18, she took up an assignment to photograph the circus acrobats for the Belfast Community Circus School, and here, her style and skill for still photography found life; these were melancholic pictures. From the circus company she moved to work for shooting stills for short films which eventually led to her work for feature films and television.  The portrait pictures she had taken of circus artists attracted a movie producer who offered her a job on the sets of a horror movie. She has worked for 10 years on many assignments in movies and TV sets before joining the Game of Thrones TV series as Principal Stills Photographer.

Through ‘Game of Thrones’ TV her work has covered landscape, portraiture, studio-lit posters, and behind-the-scenes documentary. She began working on the series from the pilot episode, and her photographs formed part of the publicity articles and reviews of episodes through promotional portraits of artists and film stills