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Ruth Le Gear

Ruth Le Gear

Internationally recognised artist Ruth Le Gear presents the amalgamation of water-focused projects in her beautiful new book, Water Senses based around Glenade Lough.

Glenade Lough has many stories that are layered upon it and are held within the valley, which is known as the Jealous valley in North Leitrim. Myth is power of the place speaking. Le Gear has made a set of seven waters remedies from the waters of the Lough, made from the essence of the last brown bears in Ireland and the story of the Dobhar-chú and so much more.

The water is altered by everything that has passed through it, in its chemical nature as well as alchemical and its capacity for influencing us. These forms and emotions, which have passed through the water, are held within it. Implicit in her work is the idea that water is an element deserving much greater consideration than it is currently given. The water and ice remedies that she created are for water bodies initially and then people.

The water remedies are a way of drawing out the layers of embodied energy that is held within the water. Each remedy interacts with the energy of the human body in a unique manner.