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Susan Mannion

Susan Mannion

Susan Mannion is a printmaker and a copper enamellist, her specialism is wood engraving. She has had work exhibited nationally and internationally, with her artwork also held in several public and private collections. Susan was recently awarded an artist residency in Japan, where she undertook an intensive study of Japanese woodcut.

Originally from Omagh, Susan lived in Belfast for a number of years and is now currently based in Boyle in the west of Ireland. Susan has always kept a sketchpad at hand to capture the detail of things; the small, observed worlds of texture and colour. She is fascinated by the meeting point or transition from one form to another, where water meets the shore or when hard architectural shapes are reflected on the soft forms of water in a river or lake surface.

Susan is passionate about printmaking and in particular the specialism of wood engraving and although her work embraces the tradition of wood engraving, she also seeks to push the boundaries of this printmaking form, to use multiple blocks and overlay colour. Similarly, her enamel work on copper surface strives to push the limits, experimenting with incised work and colour horizons.

Susan has been printmaking for several years now, coming to the medium through textile printing and then developing the practice onto paper. Initially, her inspiration came from the use of textile techniques such as hand stitched lines and folds in fabric. She is now influenced by landscape and patterns in nature, her work evolving from observed detail captured by sketching then laying down the image onto the block or copper surface creating intricate thread-like lines and fine textural incisions to create an atmospheric, surreal aesthetic, distilling a sense of place, time and memory.