Born 1979. I'm Dublin base visual artist with Polish roots, working mainly with paintings and printmaking. I hold a Master of Fine Art degree from University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Lublin, Poland.  After graduation in 2005 I moved to Dublin and become an active member of Dublin Graphic Studio for many years.  For the last 15 years of my professional artist practice I’ve been exhibited extensively in Ireland and abroad from Berlin to Tokyo.  My works has been regularly selected for Royal Hibernian Academy and Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition. In 2010 I have been also selected for a prestigious exhibition “Surreal in Irish Art” at the F.E. McWilliam Gallery.

“The human form is the dominant element in my art. In this way, my work simultaneously gains unique humanistic and existential aspect. The heroes of my paintings are flesh and blood figures tangled in a web of various dependencies and constraints. Those figures are also organically linked with the place in which they are presented. This allow me to suggest a direct relationship that is not just physical, but is above all a mental relationship between individual characters and their surroundings.    

“In my recent art practice, I’m taking images with the historical weight of past traditional styles and creating something completely different in modern language. These works do not serve to illustrate or be a copy but rather to generate new meanings, create new associations. While they are grounded in a somewhat faithful realism, I intend to learn from the techniques of certain Master painters and, on that foundation, gradually apply a subversive painted reality on these strata. What I’m finding important is the narrative character of those new works, the element of narration, yet one that separates what is presented from what that which is presented signifies. My goal is to create figurative forms that yield to the law of gravity, being at the same time gifted with irony and sarcasm. Define concepts, signs and symbols engaged in the insane dance of associations which I want everyone to read in their own way.

“There is something deeply peculiar about Andrzej Mazur’s arresting, if often arcane images. His beautifully accomplished oils, many small and exquisitely detailed, teem with cryptic fragments of myth, Aesop’s Fables or Biblical tales; with a visual lexicon colliding Renaissance art and science with Baroque, Romantic, Symbolist, Dada, Surrealist and Catholic iconography. Hardworking and prolific, his tumult of imaginary landscapes are allegories mostly centered on the human form; often cowled or masked, resplendent or recoiling. With extraordinary facility he shifts styles – from the macabre, grotesque and apocalyptic to the fantastical, even sentimental – his Old Master techniques bolted to a free-ranging post-modern sensibility.”

Mic Moroney
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