Artist Testaments:

Liz Doyle
“I am so delighted to be represented by Ciara Hambly of Hambly & Hambly. We have built up a great trusting relationship since I first had a few pieces at the gallery about three years ago, and she now holds the largest collection of my paintings anywhere. It’s been a bit like finding a long lost sister, one who understands and appreciates contemporary painting. Ciara appears to have boundless energy and enthusiasm in promoting her artists throughout the whole island of Ireland and beyond and is rapidly expanding her domain with the exciting new artist residency project in Charente, France.”

Samantha Ellis Fox
"I have worked with the Hambly & Hambly Gallery for the last four years and I have found Ciara invaluable in terms of her creativity in how she involves all the artists the gallery represents...... this has included weekly online representation via social media platforms combined with the physical gallery space which constantly revolves and evolves. Ciara encompasses all of the arts at the Hambly & Hambly Gallery, not just the visual, and she actively includes poetry, music and theatre as an integral part of the visual art experience. Having taken this holistic approach to the arts the Hambly Gallery has become an invaluable artistic hub not just within Northern Ireland but also Ireland as a whole. From a personal perspective as a full time practicing artist, the gallery has really brought my work to a whole new audience that I alone could not have reached and this has been done in a way which is professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. This is a gallery which will go from strength to strength in the coming years."

Laurence O’Toole
“It is rare to team up with a gallery and find they have the same passion and endless commitment to the arts as you do. Hambly & Hambly are bringing their artists along on the crest of a new wave that is breaking new ground consistently, from the permanent dedicated residency abroad to the coolest and all inclusive Art Openings each season."

Wolfgang Buttress
“I am delighted to be presenting new work at the unique and innovative Hambly & Hambly gallery in June 2021 for the Enlighten exhibition. The new pieces have been informed by the landscape of the north of Ireland which inspired the sculpture Rise.”

Eamon Colman
“Hambly & Hambly are a joy to work with, their enthusiasm is so infectious.”

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