“The painting process for me is, primarily instantaneous and immediate in its function. Observation is important. I don’t make notes as to colour or drawing references etc. I tend to absorb the images in the hope that they will “ pop up”, when required. I do not make preliminary sketches, as they can “sap” the energy from the painting process. I am therefore, obliged to hone my observational skills, which hopefully I have done over 50 years. The immediacy of the application of the first marks, are paramount. Once a momentum is achieved, the painting will create its own rhythm. The interruption of this rhythm will terminate the painting process. The actual point of interruption will determine the quality of the work. So the burning question is......”when is it finished”?

“I trained in NCA and NCAD. During the 80’s and 90’s I was a gallery artist with the Oriel gallery in Dublin. During this time I exhibited in the annual RHA and Oireachtas exhibitions. In 1999 and 2000, I had solo shows in the International Visions gallery in Washington DC, Orla Celtic Art in NY city and the Templeton Collection in Atlanta Georgia, followed by an artist residency in Cill Rialaig. In 2004 I retired as an art teacher from the VEC. I had a few solo shows in an Grianain Letterkenny and an Gaileria gallery Gaoth Dobhair. An exhibition in the Custom House Gallery Westport was cut short due to COVID. I have never concentrated in developing my profile within the art community in Ireland, and I really did not bother with exhibiting. My main focus has and is concentrated on painting and honing skills such as observation and drawing. I have always been contented just to paint on a daily basis. When I complete a piece, I put it away for a few weeks. If it survives a few months, then I am happy with it. At present, I post my work for that week, on my Facebook page, each Thursday, under the heading “WHAT’S ON THE EASEL?”. I also give a Narrative explaining my painting process and a description of the piece, sometimes I make a relevant social comment. I do believe that each artist, apart from making their art, must also challenge and question the “status quo”, (I don’t refer to the band).” 

A selection of Brian’s work is currently available exclusively through Hambly & Hambly.
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