“As a artist, painting means a constant balancing between what was my intial pictorial intent for a painting to how this chages rapidly through the process of creating the work. The realization that this often emerges organically is the one I try to allow throughout the process.

“There is a constant battle in my mind and the painting surface between the atmospheical and pictorial development of the work , its connection to my overall practice and how it sits with a contemporary context. The work itself is a response to an emotion,  a feeling, an experience. My response is how I convey this a 2D surface, How do i allow an audience to also experience this, how do I invite them in?

“Intentionally one of my main ambitions with my practice is to create a specific mood or emotional response in painting of the landscape or nature that surrounds us.

“In my preception of nature, the remote forest, the disorderly wilderness, the ever so slight indication to humans presence within the landscape I aim to find a blend between the real and the fiction. When amongst the vegetation or the tracks within a forest, I feel at ease, I am searching for the magic from these hidden places, its history, its healing qualities, all seam to have the ability to exist beyond time.

“Somewhere in the tangeld chaos of vegetation, figures, shapes, light and darkness shadows a preseence exists, its is bigger than me,it is bigger than us

I paint the landscape in complete awe”

A selection of Daniel’s work is currently available exclusively through Hambly & Hambly.
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