Amy O'Riordan

As a  performance photographic artist, Amy explores her personal identity navigating this complex world as female. She produces visual photographic art inspired by the historical traditions of painting and her research into the positive developments of feminism. She works both in front of and behind the lens of her camera, creating her very own visual language.

"As an artist living with continuous chronic pain due to spinal nerve damage as a result of a life changing accident twelve years ago, I create a beautiful world in my photographs that I can joyously escape to. I directly engage with my audience through my empowered female gaze captured from the eye of my camera. My deeply personal work explores the power , beauty and celebration of femininity which turns my intimate self portraits into a universal experience with a global connection. My constructed photographic portraits explore metaphorical references including mother nature, female goddesses and iconic women. From my initial conceptual idea , to the careful choice of  cosmetics, costumes and props I carefully plan and organize each individual element. Vibrant colors, consideration of lighting and energetic, magnetic, authentic performance are all elements deeply pivotal to my artistic process." 

Collections of Amy's work include The Irish Arts Council, The OPW Ireland, The Limerick City Gallery of Art's Permanent Collection Ireland, DCU (Dublin City University) Permanent Art Collection, The European Central Bank Frankfurt Germany and private collections both in Ireland/ abroad. 

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