About Us

The Hambly and Hambly Story

Hambly & Hambly are proud to promote a bespoke curation of the best in Irish Art and Culture.

A forward-thinking, progressive visual art gallery and multi-purpose cultural space, we are located in the 18th century landmark Dunbar House.

Extending from the shores of Lough Erne, we have a strong international reach.

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Carrying thousands of visual artworks in our extensive collection, we offer a bespoke consultation service, helping our customers to begin and extend their unique, personal visual art collections which bring joyful investment in the future.

Hambly & Hambly profile Irish art in all its forms, making it real, relevant, exciting and accessible. We offer exciting opportunities to appreciate visual, musical, literary and performing arts in an unforgettable location.

Hambly & Hambly are enhancing and progressing traditional concepts of Art today in an unique historic setting whilst growing cultural appreciation for our future.