Kirsi Salo

Kirsi Salo is an emerging contemporary artist working on both figurative and abstract paintings. She lives and works on an old dairy farm in North Kerry, just off the wild west coast of Ireland. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and contemporary spaces, and her works hang in collections around the world. 

Her figurative art aims to evoke powerful emotions and rekindle the joy of childhood memories. Inspired by life's exhilarating moments that make the heart sing, she strives to spread that joy to others through art. Most of our happiest memories are not expensive things or holidays, but life's small moments.

As a child, she felt of never quite fitting in—being told that she was too loud, too stubborn, too different. Her paintings are love songs for strong, wild girls and boys, who have not yet been tamed by the world. They're a love song to that child that still lives inside all of us if we listen. She believes her work can ignite a sense of youthful joy even in the most jaded souls.

Her abstract art is inspired by the rugged beauty of the wild Atlantic coast, combined with my Scandinavian background and a love for graphic design and patterns. Each piece is a unique exploration of color, shape and texture that will add a dynamic and thought-provoking element to any space. 

Visually, she pulls from and experiments with painterly expressionism, street art, and her native Scandinavian design tradition. While she mostly paints in oils, she also utilizes pastels, acrylics, and spray paint where needed to achieve certain elements and techniques.

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