Louis McLoughlin

Louis McLoughlin

"In my work I have been enabled, through the developmental process, to delve into the subconscious and extract meaning where there was none. My desire to be a conduit for the creative process has seen my work take on an abstract mien but within those images there lies narrative and thoughtfulness where the concerns of nature collide with humanistic entropy. (Because work is obtained from ordered molecular motion, the amount of entropy is also a measure of the molecular disorder, or randomness, of a system.) I think therefore I do not know how." Louis McLoughlin

Taken from an outside point of view is best summed up by this quotation from Brendan Dean’s introduction to the publication “Works 2016 – 2020”

“Standing in Louis McLoughlin’s studio in front of a wall of painted canvas on board tiles, rows upon rows of deliciously rich hues, I am reminded of the Irish Painter Sean Scully, who apparently helped bridge the gap between Minimalism and emotional abstraction in favour of a return to metaphor and spirituality in Art. Perception though individual perhaps harks to the notion that when we look deep or long enough, what lies beneath the surface speaks to us all collectively.

Building and indeed painting a strong foundation as a metaphor for life itself, one can perhaps say that we are always on the road to seeking balance. A process where the combination of security and spontaneity will evolve to a sense of intertwined fulfilment. Fine art is aspirational and therefore seeks to elevate us beyond our immediate concerns to perhaps higher notions of what truly matters. Or indeed, perhaps not, as individual interpretation can often dictate what is apparently essential.

Either way both the compositional interplay and the scale of Mc Loughlin’s work alone evokes wonder, intrigue and perhaps even perplexity enticing one to look beyond the surface. The work, both emotionally challenging and satisfying at the same time encourages us to both understand and let go, a wave washing over perception as the shiver of light plays out in a dance between individual elements combined to build something greater than itself.”

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