Paula Pohli

Paula Pohli is a printmaker and painter in egg tempera. She is a native of Dublin and she lives in rural Ireland. She lives alone since Walter, her husband died.  She is an independent full-time artist and she is quite prolific.
Paula Pohli’s linocuts are unique and in a distinctive style. Some of her prints have featured in 40 International Mini Print Biennials. She makes limited editioned, hand burnished linocuts in black and white and in strong colours. Her prints are printed by hand with no printing press.  Each print is produced individually and in low editions. Variations in an edition are possible. Paula combines the centuries old manual art of relief printmaking with a cautious application of modern motifs, themes and in strong colour.
Paula is also a painter. She paints on paper, boards and gessoed panels in the medieval medium of egg tempera with egg yolk, dry pigments and water. Egg tempera suits her graphic style. She is broad minded and connects with the Sienese tempera paintings of the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. Egg tempera painting is an elegant, aristocratic, linear graphic form of painting. It is a beautiful medium for colour. She also paints with Gum Arabic, water and dry pigments in a watercolour medium.

The themes of her work are diverse. She creates images of our natural world: nature, wild life, bird life in their poetic facets, beauty, and strengths. Portraits too. Some of her themes are abstract.
Paula’s art features in many private and public collections. Her work is in the National Gallery of Ireland. She donated works to the Gallery.


7 One woman solo shows in Dublin, 3 in the US in 2012 (Center for Contemporary Printmaking).  Other solo shows in Germany, Monaghan, Galway, Holland, one in London 2024.
Group shows in Green Fuse Gallery, Dublin Graphic Gallery, The Lemon Street and Original Print Galleries, The Bridge Gallery, SO Fine Art Editions, The Kenny Gallery, The Hamilton Gallery, The Lavit Gallery, Doorway Gallery etc.
2024: Dublin Solo show Connexions in Dublin,
2024: London: After Paradise.
2024: Bulgaria in June in the Lessedra Gallery in Bulgaria
2024 The Highlight  of her professional life will take place in the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin  when her painting  ‘The Magpie’ {(egg tempera goes on display in the exhibition In Real Life.
2024  A special Highlight in Flowers Gallery of Cork Street London. June 29th Paula Pohli has a small solos show of work in this prestigious gallery. Artist of the Day was promoted by the artist Hughie O’Donoghue.
2025 Solo Shows planned. 

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